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Sub-brand Ad Campaign

Team Members
Personal Contribution

Elizabeth Gatlin, XD

Meaghan McFarland, XD

Nina Stitt, CW

Victoria Nguyen, CBM

Category Research and Analysis

Strategic Development and Writing

Creative Brief Development

Meeting Organization 

Video Voiceover

Duolingo, one of the most popular language-learning apps in the world, has branched out into teaching mathematics using the sub-brand, Duolingo Math. As their math app reaches its final beta stages, they are looking for an advertising campaign idea encourages their target audience of adults 45+ to develop a habit of learning valuable math skills.



of adults suffer from math anxiety or embarrassment from learning math.

Many experiences tied to learning math at school are negative, from hours-long lectures to complex exams.
However, adults often find themselves with many reasons to revisit their math journey later on, whether for a job or just to touch up on basic skills.
This logical motivation does not outweigh the negative memories associated with math, and most adults are left feeling a lack of moral support and are hesitant to begin learning again.
Duolingo Math aims to provide the moral (or immoral…) support they need, whatever their purpose for learning math.


duo discreet

Duo discreet is an advertising campaign that assures adults that they are supported in their math journey, no matter how predictable or even...unethical...their reason is for learning.

meet digit.


Digit is Duo's cousin. She’s a smart, mischievous night owl. And the one thing she loves more than math is money.

Throughout our campaign, Digit will subtly hint at the illicit reasons you should be practicing math by messing with every billboard and event that we officially put out.

Billboard Mockup_v1.png
Street Billboard Mockup Final with footprints.png

People should be able to interact with math physically, just as they would digitally on the app. 

Interactive machines would be placed in major cities. Passersby will be asked to solve basic math problems.


But the more problems solved correctly, the sketchier the problems will become.

Digit must have gotten to them...


At the end of the game, participants will have the chance to win money.

The billboard will dispense
either real money or

Digit Money at random.

Digit Money v3-02.png
Digit Money v3-03.png

Digit money will not only give them a career path recommendation, but also prompt people to share a photo of the bill on Facebook using the hashtag #duodiscreet.

duo tweet 2.png
duo tweet 4-new.png
duo tweet 3.png
duo tweet 5.png
duo tweet 6.png
duo tweet 1.png

Digit will respond to each post in a playfully delinquent way.

we want you to learn math,
but whatever you do
with it is up to you.

duo discreet

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